View over the city

Trier – 2000 years of history

Trier, also called “Rome of the North”, has always been a center of attention. Founded by the Romans, it rapidly became the capital of the Western Roman Empire and an imperial residence. During the Middle Ages the first German bishop’s church was built in Trier, and some hundred years later Karl Marx was born in the city.
To this day, various Roman constructions, nine UNESCO World Heritage sites, and various other sights bear witness to the more than 2000 years of history of the city. However, it is not only the history, but also the proximity to Luxembourg, France and Belgium, that make Trier an attractive city and a rewarding destination.
But also as shopping destination Trier is worth a trip. Make sure to plan enough time for strolling through the city. Wander through the historic old town that holds lots of owner-operated shops.

You can find more information on the city of Trier on the website of the local tourist information.